Council on Liberal Education

The Council on Liberal Education has oversight responsibilities for the University of Minnesota Liberal Education Curriculum for all undergraduate students on the Twin Cities campus.

The Council on Liberal Education is composed of faculty and student representatives (both undergraduate and graduate/professional); members of the academic staff may also be appointed. The Council is charged to:

  • review and approve or disapprove all proposals for courses designated for the Diversified Core and Designated Themes of Liberal Education Curriculum.
  • formulate the procedures for 1) proposing courses to be added to, and 2) deleting courses from, the Diversified Core and Designated Themes of Liberal Education Curriculum.
  • establish and regularly review the criteria for courses which will be considered for designation for the Diversified Core and Designated Themes of Liberal Education Curriculum.
  • regularly review for their effectiveness the liberal education requirements.
  • advise the Provost on implementation of recommendations concerning liberal education requirements.
  • foster continuing discussion among the faculty about issues of liberal and undergraduate education.
  • recommend to the Faculty Consultative Committee such actions or policies it deems appropriate.

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Kathryn Pearson
Political Science│ [email protected] │ Term: 2014-2019, 2020-present (chair)

Faculty Representatives

Mary Benner
Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship │ [email protected] │ Term: 2020-present

Tom Fisher
Metropolitan Design │ [email protected] │ Term: 2020-present

David Fox
Earth Science │ [email protected] │ Term: 2015-2016, 2017-present

Andrew Gallia
History │ [email protected] │ Term: 2020-present

Gayle Golden
Journalism │ [email protected] │ Term: 2020-present

John LaVelle
Org Leadership, Policy & Dev. │ [email protected] │ Term: 2021-present

Amy Lee
Writing│ [email protected] │ Term: 2021-present

Gayla Lindt
Architecture│ [email protected] │ Term: 2020-present

Peter Mercer-Taylor
Music│ [email protected] │ Term: 2011, 2012-2014, 2020-present

Michael Minta
Political Science│ [email protected] │ Term: 2020-present

Melissa Palmer
Animal Science │ [email protected] │ Term: 2016-present

Jole Shackelford
History of Medicine │ [email protected] │ Term: 2013-present

Deena Wassenberg
Biology Teaching and Learning │ [email protected] │ Term: 2015-present


Katie Russell
Undergraduate Education │ [email protected]

Keelin Yenney
Undergraduate Education │ [email protected]

Leslie Schiff
Associate Dean for the University Curriculum │ [email protected]

Meeting Schedule

2:00 - 3:30 p.m. on the following Mondays: 

  • September 19, submission deadline September 6
  • October 17, submission deadline October 3
  • November 21, submission deadline November 7
  • December 19, submission deadline December 5