Council on Liberal Education

The Council on Liberal Education has oversight responsibilities for the University of Minnesota Liberal Education Curriculum for all undergraduate students on the Twin Cities campus.

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Campus Curriculum Committee

The Campus Curriculum Committee (CCC) is appointed by and advisory to the Provost. The CCC was developed in 2012 to address curricular questions and issues that arise between/among colleges on the Twin Cities Campus, and to provide central guidance for the undergraduate curriculum by reviewing new undergraduate course proposals.

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The Campus Writing Board

The Campus Writing Board (CWB) is responsible for reviewing courses and programs proposed to meet campus-wide curricular requirements. CWB advises the Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education on the implementation of the Writing-Enriched Curriculum project (WEC) and reviews courses proposed to meet current Writing Intensive (WI) requirements.

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Undergraduate Education

Enrollment Management Committee

The Enrollment Management Committee is charged with taking a comprehensive look at Twin Cities campus enrollments and develop proposals for comprehensively managing enrollments in the long term. As we move forward with strategic planning efforts involving both the academic and administrative side of the University, a careful plan for enrollment management is essential.


Council for Undergraduate Education

The Council for Undergraduate Education (CUE) was formed as a way to communicate efficiently across undergraduate colleges. CUE continues to bring people together across the University, share information, and provide recommendations on University initiatives.

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Undergraduate Advisory Board

The Undergraduate Advisory Board (UAB), headed by Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, is comprised of student representatives from every undergraduate college and meets monthly during the academic year. Its purpose is to keep administrators apprised of students’ perspectives about undergraduate education—everything from transportation challenges and on-campus food quality to financial aid, curriculum, student support, course access, and much more.

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International Student Academic Services Fee Committee

The purpose of the International Fee is to enhance academic services for undergraduate international students, focused on retention, academic success, timely graduation, and student satisfaction. Units may seek funding by submitting proposals to the appointed review committee. 

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