UU Submission Guidelines

Submissions must: 

  • be resources, events, and information that apply to all undergraduate students.
  • be sponsored by or directly involved with at least one University department and University relationship must be clearly visible.
  • be relevant on campus.
  • provide a link to an official University website with more information. (Links to Facebook event pages or groups will NOT be accepted)
  • only be submitted once per semester. (Unless there is a significant reason to repeat, approved by OUE and OSA). Calendar items in the “Upcoming Events” section may be repeated.
  • be between 30-50 words.
  • be proofread, verified, and edited prior to submission.
  • be submitted at least one week prior to the mailing date using the content submission form found at z.umn.edu/ugcontent.

Items NOT included:

  • Promoting a student group or student group event (unless sponsored by a University department or college)
  • Promoting specific courses within an academic department offered at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.
  • Job postings or research study recruitment
  • Small scale opportunities or resources aimed at a small population of students.
  • Postings that are intended to promote corporate sponsorship or profit by an individual/outside agency.

Submit Your Content

All content is due one week before the Monday mailing date by noon.

All submissions must be made using the content submission form found at z.umn.edu/ugcontent.

Using the form above, you can also submit content for MyU Portal.