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Writing-Enriched Curriculum Writing Plans

Campus Writing Board Criteria: The board considers the merit of each Undergraduate Writing Plan using a list of approved guidelines. Essentially, the board is looking for plans that address writing-related expectations and concerns voiced by unit faculty, instructors, and undergraduate students. Successful Plans, which are created as a result of the Writing-Enriched Curriculum process, contain innovative, attainable goals and cost-effective means for providing instructional support. Finally, successful Writing Plans evidence significant faculty participation and approval.

Critical Budget Information related to Writing Plans: In the initial phases of the Writing Enriched Curriculum project (2007-2011), resources from the Bush Foundation and Office of Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education have been made available as pilot units create and implement Writing Plans. Models for fiscal support of a fully-implemented WEC initiative are under discussion.

Approved WEC plans

The following plans have been approved by the Campus Writing Board.

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