Campus Writing Board

The Campus Writing Board is one of two faculty bodies responsible for reviewing courses and programs proposed to meet campus-wide curricular requirements. The Council on Liberal Education reviews courses proposed to meet the university's liberal education (LE) requirements. The Campus Writing Board (CWB) advises the Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education on the implementation of the Writing-Enriched Curriculumproject (WEC) and reviews courses proposed to meet current Writing Intensive (WI) requirements. Specifically, the CWB:

  • Evaluates and approves Writing-Enriched Curriculum Writing Plans proposed by academic units participating in the WEC Project;
  • Evaluates and approves current Writing Intensive courses;
  • Provides guidance on formal writing policy for the Senate Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP) and full Senate;
  • Helps to integrate the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) into Writing Plans; and
  • Works with the Council on Liberal Education to coordinate liberal education and writing at the University of Minnesota.